I’ve been sending myself emails with links at the end of the week for some time now and I’ve decide to share this list of curated links. These links are to articles that I have run by during the week, that at least when I decided to set them aside, had the value for them to be revisited, shared or stored.

The topics vary a lot, depending on what I ‘m working on or am interested at a given point or what I run into.

So without further delay here is the first edition

On remote jobs or remote work

I do a lot of my work remotely, and I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. I have the luck of working in IT Security which in many cases does not mean that you have to me in a certain place to get the job done (unless you have to audit something from inside a noisy data center or from a rooftop)

I ran into these articles which do a pretty good job at describing the key success factors and provide further resources to do it well.

It is listed in the Zapier blog, but I can only recommend the book: REMOTE, by  Jason Fried from 37 signals (the company behind basecampHQ). In it they share their experience as a distributed company and most of the points he makes are really valid. It will be used if you are either a remote worker or want your team to work remotely and efficiently.


On Work Values / looking on the bright side

I’m not sure really how or why and I ended up finding the Buffer Values:


Buffer Values: choose positivity, default to transparency, focus on self-improvement, be a no-ego doer,

Buffer Values –×897.jpg

I can really relate to all of them and I would like to think that I actually apply them on a daily basis, even if I didn’t know of their existence until last week.

So this post sent me down a spiral, I wanted to see what else these guys are doing and what other positives ideas they had shared. These are some of the most interesting articles I ran into.

Android App SSL and Security

Android App security seams not to be the easiest of topics out there. Most of the Apps are developed:

  • without a Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • on the smallest budget possible
  • without the minimal security testing, not even in the CI
  • by developers that have not passed a security awareness training

Don’t get me wrong, there is no excuse for publishing an App without taking care of the basic security issues like validating certificates correctly, but I’m just stating the most common reasons.

So here are some resources that can help you implement the SSL/TLS issues right:

Back to you

What do you think about these topics?  Have these links been useful for you?
Drop me a line below, a tweet or a mail.