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Pablo Endres


Pablo Endres, IT Security Consultant

Pablo Endres is an experienced Security Consultant and Technological Solution Architect.

His main interests are information security, networking, telephony, *NIX and technological research. He holds a degree in computer engineering, ISC2 CISSP, Comptia Security+, ISECOM’s OPSA + OPST Certifications, and a black belt in Shuri-Ryu karate-do; and has worked in a variety of industries: wireless phone providers, VoIP solution providers, contact centers, university labs, and founded a IT consulting company.

Pablo enjoys reverse engineering, research, self learning, an intellectual challenge, and collaboration. As of 2008 he is a published author after collaborating with ISECOM in the writing of Hacking Linux Exposed 3rd Edition. In this project he served as technical reviewer and author of chapter 14: Mail Services.

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Security testing

Plan and performance penetration tests and security audits

Security programs

Development and implementation of security programs, architectures and concepts

Project management

Management of small to medium IT consulting projects


Network design and implementation: Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto Networks Design and implementation of infrastructure for different environment including cloud based


Hands on experience in the telecommunications industry: mobile networks subsystems (RAN, UTRAN, PS, CS, BSS, Femto, backbone, backhaul), ITSPs, ISP, cloud computing and hosting providers





  • Rob Geurts
  • Thomas Little
  • Susana Contrera
  • Gal Dubitski
  • Vicente Tanasi
  • Pablo and I worked together on auditing network security in the converged Vodafone NL network. Pablo is result driven person and pleasant to work with. The outcomes of the test where written in an understandable way and helped Vodafone NL and Ericsson a lot.

    Rob Geurts - Customer Project Manager at Ericsson NL

  • Pablo Endres ist ein sehr kompetenter, hoch qualifizierter Ingenieur, der sich auf Netzwerksicherheit fokussiert. Ich kann ihn als angenehmer Kollege sowie als zuverlässiger Mitarbeiter empfehlen. Er hat in einer Startup Umgebung Flexibilität und Engagement gezeigt, wie ich mir das von jedem Kollegen wünschen würde!

    Thomas Little - CEO at Business Applications Factory

  • Pablo is an invaluable IT resource for any company. I had the opportunity to work with him side by side in many projects for Atento Venezuela, and I know for sure he has broad knowledge not only in information security, but in many other fields of IT. He guided me in my first steps managing and working with Linux, he is an excellent Professional and also a good teacher always willing to help others...

    Susana Contrera - Network Engineer at Amazon

  • Pablo is a guy anyone would love to work with, he´s professional, well organized and open minded person, who likes to help others. He posses skills in many areas of IT especially regarding networks, security and operating systems. Pablo always find a way to solve problems in very creative ways and I personally enjoyed working with him and hope to work with him again in the future.

    Gal Dubitski - CEO at Tocarta

  • Pablo was the main asset for his organization while deploying Vendor solution at our corporation. His expertice and his professionalism made of him a main point of reference at the deployment site to deliver superior results. While his work at Comvoz, Pablo made of our project a show case about what it takes to keep a customer satisfied and deliver great results. Pablo is a very commited professional. Expertice and integrity with the task being develop were two of the main behaviors I saw and I liked about Pablo. If you need to get the job done, contact Pablo.

    Vicente Tanasi - General Manager at UNITEK POWER, S.L. & EGC España, S.L.





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