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Teaching“Assessing and exploiting control systems IIoT

After a long time in the making, our calendars finally aligned and this week I shared the stage co-training the class: “Assessing and exploiting control systems & IIoT”, with Justin Searle ?.


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BSides Luxembourg 2019 Write-up

This was my second BSides event of this year. I must say I really like this type of events and I hope I can attend more of them next year.  I don’t think I can cover as many as Cooper (@ministrator), but I would love to.

For those of you who haven’t attended one before I ‘ll run you through the basics. Community organized, very nice people, great content (normally delivered by non Rockstar speakers) and non-profit.   Keep Reading →

Hack in the Box Amsterdam and Haxpo 2019

I like attending conferences, they provide a front row seat to the lastest research and other people in your area are doing and thinking. For me they are inspiring. They also provide a great space for networking and getting to know great people, especially in our security community.

Around the conference, there is normally a lot going on, and I normally miss out on most of it because I’m focused on the talks. So this time, I decided to skip the conference all together and just visit the Haxpo (or the program around the main conference)

Hack in the Box (Amsterdam) is a great event, I’ve attended a couple of times: trainings and talks. They also organize a great Expo, it runs parallel to the conference and always has a lot to offer. This piece covers my day at the Haxpo.

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My impressions of the Digital Demo Day 2019

Yesterday I participated at the #DigitalDemoDay19 in Düsseldorf, Germany. My overall impression: great event. A nice mix of talks, pitches and fair grounds. I was not able to hear any of the talks, because we had our first stand ever.

We got to share our stand / booth with 5 other start-ups () and #CGI, which was kind enough to select us and sponsor our presence. The CGI team was great from before the event. It was a pleasure partnering with them. They had a really cool chocolate kiosk that was a people magnet!

For the event we prepared some roll-ups, which did a great job attacking people. But the biggest hit was the IoT Security Hacking Kit. I took one of the boxes and used it as a stand for the presentation tablet. Lots of people where interested in it, even today I got some pings via LinkedIn. Next time I need to prepare a full box for show and tell 😉

Table stand, with kit, presentations and demo.

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