Practical Security for Start-ups




Practical Security for Start-ups 101, Presentation

This is the first of a series of presentations around practical security. Based on every day scenarios it highlights the risks involved in the everyday IT, these affect everyone and can be applied for both end-users and corporations a like (with a grain of salt for it to scale). It presents practical tips and measures that can be implemented to raise the bar on security and protect your data.

This edition has been focused on start-ups, but are applicable for anyone.


  • Practical security for smart-phones, laptops, passwords, and multi-factor authentication
  • Smart-phone users are not aware of the amount data that can be accessed from these devices
    • Digital identity, day to day operations and even banking can be accessed from a smart-phones
    • In most cases not even the simplest measures have been implemented: device screen lock
  • Less than 5% of laptops are ever recovered and the cost of the device should be the least of your worries
  • Many services are still used without encryption
    • Live demo on how easy it is to capture password in a hotspot


Date: 27.11.2013
Place: Cologne, Germany. Startplatz
Language: Slides English / Spoken in German



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