Here are a couple of tools or scripts I’ve whipped over the last couple of years. Some of them are just quick hacks or solutions, but they may be useful to someone else. They are under a copy-left license, but I would love to have your feedback and patches.




LUSAS: Linux/UNIX security auditing scripts.This is a collection of command line security auditing scripts for Linux/Unix. Originally by Sean Boran in 2000, with a few improvements over the years.Auditing the security of an existing system can be time-consuming, and often requires on-site visits. There are several commercial tools and a few free ones that help, but they can be complicated and require local compilation or configuration.





Simple scripts that unconfigure a system so they can be used as images for virtualization, cloud, etc





Python script to create simple time sheets for each client I have logged time in Toggl.
I could not convince Toggl to create this report format, so I decided to implement it myself.
The output is a CSV file for each customer with an entry per day: start time, stop time, duration (time worked) in dec
One of the main features is time alignment, which basically means that you can align the start and stop times to nice times i.e. every 15 min.